Get 4GB USB flash from Q&A section

How do I collect points?

This special offer will be started from January 2012

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanD...

More about the “Q&A” Section

To interact with all of our members, the “Q&A” section is specially created.

We usually provide topic for discussion, and you are also encouraged to do so.

Every activity in this section is rated by our system, and the will reward the top rated weekly with a 4GB USB flash.

What you can do in “Q&A” section?
  • Bring your topic into discussion
  • Search for topic you want to learn more
  • Voice your ideas on your favorite topic
  • Share the topic on your wall
  • Mark on the answer you like the most
  • Get gifts from the 
How do I collect points?

How do I collect points?

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